The Department of Higher and General Education and the European Union Delegation held a joint workshop to discuss the program of pre-service teacher training program within the quality of education improvement program, with the aim of making recommendations to prioritize the promotion of teacher training according to the new curriculum. The Chairman of the Educational Studies Committee at the National Council for Higher Education and Scientific Research, Mohammed Bashir Mohammed Abdul Hadi, Dean of Al-Manhal Academy, the cooperation of the Ministry of Education in Sudan with technical expertiseOf the European Union’s Quality of Education Project. He called for activating the dialogue between the actors and partners concerned on the issues of teacher training and commitment to participate in the training and the production of various tools for use in the faculties of education as part of the project. In addition to providing the colleges of education with reference cadres for participation In the project. He expressed the hope that the efforts of relevant education partners would be combined to improve Education Quality (EQQIP) And expressed hope that concerted efforts would be made by educational partners to improve the quality of education. It included a workshop to finance 6 states, including Khartoum State, targeting specific materials such as Arabic, English, geography, history and science in the Education Quality Improvement Program.