Dean’s word

Al – Manhal Academy of Sciences / Dean ‘s Message

Is a scientific institution based on strategic planning, and aims to provide scientific service to the people of Sudan and since it is a private sector looking at a profitable perspective without greed and greed.

The Al-Manhal Academy of Sciences adopts the approach and the modern management style in its vision to be in the near future a university flying in the sky of science taking strategic thinking and strategic planning as a way for it.

In this academy, based on strategic thinking and strategic planning, despite the difference between them and the characteristics of their respective constructs, the vision allows strategic thinking to predict the overall picture of the future, while strategic planning is concerned with the details of the future foreseen with clear objectives and implementation plan.

The vision of the Al-Manhal Academy of Sciences is to sail the sciences and programs in which it works in human medicine, dentistry, laboratory sciences, civil engineering, engineering, computer engineering and communications engineering, and it does not overlook the human sciences from the economy, information systems, information technology, foreign trade, banks and others.

Al-Manhal Academy works in the implementation of its programs based on strategic thinking, which is the ability of imaginative thinking and innovation to draw the direction it takes in its system and its day-to-day administration, after God, in his far-sighted perspective, on the distinguished relations in which his workers predominate. Towards scientific research in the Bahia analysis and their wide participation in accordance with the policies of the National Council for Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the directives of the establishment order, which is like its system, which derived from it. Scientific, administrative and financial.

Towards a scientific university that contributes to the promotion of society with its various programs.

The message
To carry out the scientific, financial and administrative duties which summarize the teaching, the promotion of scientific research, and the service of society.

Faith, honesty, justice, consultation, partnership, transparency, dialogue and partnership, respect for the human being and the preservation of his dignity.

strategic goals

The strategy includes three strategic objectives

Teaching: To graduate the student with the correct education and useful science to a trainee professor and expert.
Scientific Research: Enhancing scientific research to serve the country and the people, solve problems and push forward the development on scientific grounds.
Community service: knowledge, culture and comprehensive development to promote the community.

Selection of elites capable of teaching different materials with clear visions in the promotion of students and the supply of labor market required, and programs include teacher training on the latest methods of teaching and technology.

Review curriculum every four years to keep abreast of development and benefit from modern technology.
Developing the interaction by creating activity inside and outside the hall.
Enhancement and consolidation of the intellectual curriculum and skills development, as follows:
First: To produce in-depth research in various scientific subjects and disciplines that benefit the nation in all its various fields and specialties.

Second: Mastering the programs in which the Academy works in order to increase the program.

Third: To transfer experiences and benefit from what mankind produces in different types of knowledge, especially that contribute to the promotion and improvement of the programs of the Academy.


To take care of the various developmental scientific aspects and train the working frameworks.
The aim of the scientists and specialists to produce knowledge and strengthen the programs approved by the Academy for the purpose of increasing.
Educating students about the importance of science and knowledge and facilitating their access to them.
To sensitize faculty members and employees to their responsibilities towards students and the community as a whole.
First: in education on the correct Islamic approach and consultation and dialogue in matters of world and religion.

Second: To hold joint intellectual and cultural workshops.

Third: Students participate in their various activities inside and outside the hall.

The interest in developing teaching methods using modern technology and marketing the Academy programs among the community in all available media.
The interest in promoting religious understanding with a true understanding based on dialogue and respecting others.
Capacity development in cognitive, social and emotional fields.
The most important means
Establishing a knowledge system that facilitates understanding and simplifies the scientific material and computes it.
Developing quality concepts in all scientific and cultural affairs.
To take care of the institutional and program evaluation in the Academy to achieve local, regional and international recognition.
Communication with institutions and expertise in Sudan and abroad.
Participation in scientific conferences inside and outside the country.

Operational Plan

It is an activation of the activities and achievement of the strategic and operational objectives’ to include indicators of performance measurement and continuous evaluation of all work with the cost and implementation point.


This and ask God to make good and repay.

                  Prof. Mohamed El Bashir Mohamed Abdel Hady

                               Dean of the Academy