Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

The College is committed to the regulations and policies of higher education in regard to acceptance of all types.

Admission for new students is divided into two parts:

  • Unified Admission – This means student nomination through the Admissions Office.
  • Direct Admission – This means that students are required to join the college from within the institution
  • The application to the college means that the student has studied the programs and procedures described in the admission guide for higher education. The applicant and his / her family must read the manual before signing the application form.

Standard Admission Requirements:

The nomination of the student by the General Directorate of Admission to the Ministry of Higher Education shall be approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and the student must complete the registration procedures and conduct the examinations to be absorbed in the college.

Direct Admission Requirements:

  • The student must meet the general acceptance requirements of the Unified Admissions Office.
  • The student must be successful in the Sudanese certificate or equivalent.
  • The student can apply for admission to the college with the old certificate.
  • Bring certified identity documents (national number, nationality, birth, passport of foreign students)
  • Students who have already joined universities or other colleges and have not completed their studies can join the faculty in the first year provided that the following is provided (dismissal / resignation / return)

Certificates of more than ten years can be submitted as mature students accompanied by a certificate of work and recommendation from the service provider

Admission rules and regulations:

  • Success in the materials eligible for the program desired by the student.
  • Success in the tests and examinations of the college.
  • Undertaking to comply with college rules and students’ code of conduct.
  • Obligation to pay tuition fees.


The student’s candidacy from within the college does not mean acceptance of this student in the department to which he has been nominated. There are steps taken by the General Administration of Admissions from admission to the admissions forms and bringing the university number and approved lists to students who have been nominated from within the college.