BS of Communications Engineering – Capacity and Control


Is excellence, professionalism and international recognition alongside the commitment to serve the community and humanity.


  • Preparing specialized cadres in the fields of communications engineering, power and control.
  • Contribute to fill the gap in the need of different engineering and industrial sectors.
  • Keep abreast of modern developments in the fields of engineering and its various branches.
  • Enabling the graduate to take the decisions of communication engineering, ability and control, which helps in the development of his work and the activity of his establishment.
    Development of graduates’ skills in various fields of engineering in terms of curricula and applications.
  • Build an integrated generation of graduates who have the ability to plan and anticipate the needs of communications engineering and the ability and control over the long and short term of industrial establishments of all kinds.
  • To develop the skills of graduates on the ability of scientific research and continuous education in the field of communications engineering, power and control.